Friday, 26 October 2012

post 7 are you a green person ?

I love this subject! And the importance that it is taking in our society. If we look back 10 years from now we can realize the huge step that we have done in terms of recycling for example. But in other aspects too, I remember when I was like 14 was allowed to smoke anywhere. Even in closed mall´s. In fact i can´t get off of my head the image of a woman smoking with one hand, and pushing with her other hand their baby carriage and this wasn´t an unusual thing. Smoking still´s an issue but I think the youngest generations are more conscious about the damage of nicotine and the pollution that implies smoking cigarettes.
I think I lost my purpose that was talking about environment. Like I was saying our society it is more conscious about recycling, at least that´s my humble opinion. At my home we start recycling like 5 years from now, we doesn´t recycle everything, but we try to separate the trash in glasses, tetra pack, paper, and cans.
I was educated at home and school since I was a little girl like a green person. I like the nature and I have always in my mind when I leave some place to leave it better than I found it, for example if I go to have a picnic and I see garbage that it isn´t mine I take it to because nobody knows how much time it will be there ruined the landscape and putting little animals in danger.
So have in mind to make the world a better place for the people that are coming behind you.

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