Friday, 1 April 2011

Today´s assignment it´s to write about music, and I can´t think in any event bigger or more published this day´s than Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza is an important international music festival that began in 1991 in USA and this year, for the very first time it will be in Chile. The organizer of this festival is Perry Farrel, singer of Jane´s Addiction band. The festival will be at Parque O´higgins this weekend.

Lollapalooza means something unusual or extraordinary, and i think this name represent the essence of the festival because when the festival starts, back in 1991 the bands that participated where considerated "alternative" music like rap, punk and alternative rock. I like the spirit of Lollapalooza because includes impending bands with recognizable bands like Jane´s Adicction or The Killers. In this edition of Lollapalooza we will be able to see on stage chilean musics like Los Bunker or Francisca Valenzuela and i think it is a huge oportunity for them as musicians to be part of this international event. Finally, I believe that this festival it´s opening new doors to music events in santiago. What do you think about this?