Friday, 26 October 2012

post 7 are you a green person ?

I love this subject! And the importance that it is taking in our society. If we look back 10 years from now we can realize the huge step that we have done in terms of recycling for example. But in other aspects too, I remember when I was like 14 was allowed to smoke anywhere. Even in closed mall´s. In fact i can´t get off of my head the image of a woman smoking with one hand, and pushing with her other hand their baby carriage and this wasn´t an unusual thing. Smoking still´s an issue but I think the youngest generations are more conscious about the damage of nicotine and the pollution that implies smoking cigarettes.
I think I lost my purpose that was talking about environment. Like I was saying our society it is more conscious about recycling, at least that´s my humble opinion. At my home we start recycling like 5 years from now, we doesn´t recycle everything, but we try to separate the trash in glasses, tetra pack, paper, and cans.
I was educated at home and school since I was a little girl like a green person. I like the nature and I have always in my mind when I leave some place to leave it better than I found it, for example if I go to have a picnic and I see garbage that it isn´t mine I take it to because nobody knows how much time it will be there ruined the landscape and putting little animals in danger.
So have in mind to make the world a better place for the people that are coming behind you.

post 6 my favourite artist

One of my favorite artist is the painter Paul Cézanne. Cézanne was a French artist born on 1839, he practices different artistic styles along his life. We can found some romanticism painting at first, then some of impressionism character to goes to the most outstanding of his work that sometimes it is catalogued as post- impressionism. The symbolist lecture, made in hands of Maurice Dennis and Emile Bernard is the one we handle this days. From this lecture we can break down the "cezanian lesson" that is the one that avant-garde takes as starting point. But, What is this "cezanian lesson" ? The cezanian lesson begin with the next question: ¿ what is the characteristic language of paint? When Cézanne make this question he is breaking with all history of art´s knew until his days. The main operation of cezanne in terms of painting it is perspective deconstruction.

He set a precedent indicating that perspective it was not constituent of paint, it was more a social-artistically convention. With this sentences he spend some time, learning about different possibilities of paint, mainly making experiments in pursuit of found the essence of paint. And he found it: bi-dimensionality  The avant gard that follows Cézanne will take his lesson and his way of management himself with painting in an experimental style. I like Cézanne because he was one of the painters that makes possible the avant-garde and the development of arts ´till our days. The images in this post corresponds to one of the main studies of Cézanne, almost all of this paintings receive the name of Mount Victoria.Why is he considerer the father of the avant gard? Because he dedicated his life to study the painting, and he destroy some of the most important conventions at arts since renaissance. He is classed as being part of the impressionism at late 19th century but if we compare his work with another impressionistic paints we can see the real essence of Cézanne.

post 5 a career related article

post 4 a free theme topic

I was surfing at bbc website, which is very interesting especially the learning English section that have lots of short news provides with vocabulary and games. For example you can found crossroads and “complete the sentences “. I think this way of studying English it is really effective because you get distract of the routine of classes and relax. It is like watching tv. In general it is an interesting place to visit and besides you can learn. But I want to write about the presentation of a topic name it “national stereotypes” that is a short video( it last only a minute) and consist in a journalist asking to british people what they think are the principal stereotypes about Britain with this sentences “ What do people think of when they think about our country?” We can hear three respondents that mostly associated England to: bad weather, the queen, the monarchy and things related to, food, specially fish and chips that I think it is an awesome way to know a little bit of the britains. Fish and chips consist in that, fish and chips. The appealing about it, for myself at least, consist in the way they ate it. They buy the fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and eat it with they´re hands. It think that it is really releasing and show that people from England can be loose sometimes. What do you think about it? What do you think people think about our country?

post 3 Unforgetabble Holidays( incomplete)

I love holidays, I can’t get enough of them so it is very difficult to me to choose one between all the great times I had spent.  So, I’m going to make it simple for me I will choose the beach. Since I was a little girl me and my family take at least two weeks to go to Los Molles (Now that I’m older I go two months ) and there I learn how to swim, climb,  surf, scuba dive and diving  between others 

post 2 I love google

I am not a big fan of computers or websites, so it´s my window to this huge world of technology. I like it because you can search for anything you can imagine and you will find something. Sometimes you may have problems to find what you want to, it’s true, but you can´t say you didn´t find a thing, that´s the magic of google, always taking me to websites that I can barely dream of. For example, last week I was looking for a painting and the next time I was at Ursula´s personal blog. I read a few lines of it and I felt like she was talking about things that I actually understood. The explanation of that it is she was writing about the same things I was searching to make my essay. I felt this coincidence like a sign because it make me understand what I couldn´t understand at the classroom and give me a great grade(thanks Ursula !!!) I check everything at google, so I visit the website everyday and I have to say that almost never disappoint me. I can´t remember how I met google but I’m pretty sure that since that day I love it. Finally I have to say that every time I visit I smile because the logo it´s always related to a special day, or an important event and i think it is funny.

post 1, my first semester

At first semester I froze my studies because of a health problem so I didn’t dedicated myself to art studies, instead I  learn how to weave and I took a break at the beach  and I will like to write about it.   This is my favorite place in Chile. I have been there so many times, but still surprise me. The name of this beautiful place is "los molles" it is at fourth region next to the sea. The first time I went there I was two years old and I never stop going, because my family owns a place there and every time we have the opportunity to escape from Santiago we go there. The last time I went there my family and I took a walk to this beautiful place call "el puquen" that is a piece of rock that water eroded till the top and now the water jumps out from the top of the hill. It is astonishing. Los molles it is one of the best places in Chile to dive, has a beautiful beach, it is really small so all the people now each other from years. I am really sad because the government approve the company Ariztía to put install one of their fabrics next to "los molles" so this amazing place will be contamined in the next few years. What do you think about this? It is the government been conscientiously about our natural resources?