Friday, 26 October 2012

post 2 I love google

I am not a big fan of computers or websites, so it´s my window to this huge world of technology. I like it because you can search for anything you can imagine and you will find something. Sometimes you may have problems to find what you want to, it’s true, but you can´t say you didn´t find a thing, that´s the magic of google, always taking me to websites that I can barely dream of. For example, last week I was looking for a painting and the next time I was at Ursula´s personal blog. I read a few lines of it and I felt like she was talking about things that I actually understood. The explanation of that it is she was writing about the same things I was searching to make my essay. I felt this coincidence like a sign because it make me understand what I couldn´t understand at the classroom and give me a great grade(thanks Ursula !!!) I check everything at google, so I visit the website everyday and I have to say that almost never disappoint me. I can´t remember how I met google but I’m pretty sure that since that day I love it. Finally I have to say that every time I visit I smile because the logo it´s always related to a special day, or an important event and i think it is funny.

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