Friday, 15 May 2009

i can´t live without google

I am not a big fan of computers or websites, so it´s my window to this huge world of tecnology. I like it because you can search for anything you can imagine and you will find something. Sometimes you may have problems to find what you want to,it´s true, but you can´t say you didn´t find a thing, that´s the magic of google, always taking me to websites that I can barely dream of. For example, last week I was looking for a painting and the next time I was at Ursula´s personal blog. I read a few lines of it and I felt like she was talking about things that I actually understood. The explanation of that it is she was writing about the same things I was searching to make my essay. I felt this coincidence like a sign because it make me understand what i couldn´t understand at the classroom and give me a great grade(than´s Ursula !!!) I check everything at google, so I visit the website everyday and I have to say that almost never dissapoint me. I can´t remember how I met google but im pretty sure that since that day I love it. Finally I have to say that everytime I visit I smile because the logo it´s always related to a special day, or an important event and i think it is funny.

Monday, 4 May 2009

me and my career

I´m studying theory and history of arts and Idon´t know exactly why i´m studying this, but I know I like it so far. I think it might be because I really like to read, and I like arts of course. Since I came in to the university I´ve been asking me that " What do professionals in my area contribute to society?"I am not sure yet but i hope I´ll find the answer in this 3 years i have left.
I think the tools that I, as a professional will need in the future will depend of what area I want to develop, for example this last month i look at me as a restaurateur, so in that case i will have to learn about painting besides history and aesthetics. My favourite subject was texts of aesthetics last semester, now i don´t have any in particular.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Santiago is not Chile

This is my favorite place in Chile.

I have been there so many times, but still surprise me. The name of this beautiful place is "los molles" it is at fourth region next to the sea. The first time I went there I was two years old and I never stop going, because my family owns a place there and everytime we have the oportunity to escape from Santiago we go there. The last time I went there my family and I took a walk to this beautiful place call "el puquen" that is a peace of rock so erosioned that water jump out from the top of the hill. It is astonishing.
Los molles it is one of the best places in chile to dive, has a beautiful beach, it is really small so al the people now each other from years.
Im really sad beacuse the government approve the company Ariztía to put install one of their fabrics next to "los molles" so this amazing place will be contamined in the next few years. What do you think about this? It is the government been conscientiously about our natural resources?