Friday, 6 May 2011

Paul Cézanne

One of my favourite artist is the painter Paul Cézanne. Cézanne was a french artist born on 1839, he practices different artistic styles along his life. We can found some romanticism painting at first, then some of impressionism character to goes to the most outstanding of his work that sometimes it is cataloged as post- impressionism. The symbolist lecture, made in hands of Maurice Dennis and Emile Bernard is the one we handle this days. From this lecture we can break down the "cezanian lesson" that is the one that avantgard takes as starting point. But, What is this "cezanian lesson" ? The cezanian lesson begin with the next question: ¿ what is the characteristic language of paint? When Cézanne make this question he is breaking with all history of art´s knew untill his days. The main operation of cezanne in terms of painting it is perspective deconstruction.

He set a precedent indicating that perspective it was not constituent of paint, it was more a social-artistical convention. With this sentences he spend some time, learning about different posibilities of paint, mainly making experiments in pursuit of found the essence of paint. And he found it: bidimensionality. The avant gard that follows Cézanne will take his lesson and his way of management him self with painting in an experimental style. I like Cézanne because he was one of the painters that makes possible the avantgard and the development of arts ´till our days. The images in this post correspondes to one of the main studies of Cézanne, almost all of this paintings recive the name of Mount victoria

Why is he considerer the father of the avant gard? Because he dedicated his life to study the painting, and he destroy some of the most important conventions at arts since renaissance. He is classed as being part of the impressionism at late 19th century but if we compare his work with another impressionistic paints we can see the real essence of Cézanne. Cézanne