Friday, 16 December 2011

fish and chips

At this class we where surfing at bbc website, which is very interesting especially the learning English section that have lots of short news provides with vocabulary and games. For example you can found crossroads and “complete the sentences “. I think this way of studying English it is really effective because you get distract of the routine of classes and relax. It is like watching tv. In general it is an interesting place to visit and besides you can learn. But I want to write about the presentation of a topic name it “national stereotypes” that is a short video( it last only a minute) and consist in a journalist asking to british people what they think are the principal stereotypes about Britain with this sentences “ What do people think of when they think about our country?” We can hear three respondents that mostly associated England to: bad weather, the queen, the monarchy and things related to, food, specially fish and chips that I think it is an awesome way to know a little bit of the britains. Fish and chips consist in that, fish and chips. The appealing about it, for myself at least, consist in the way they ate it. They buy the fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and eat it with they´re hands. It think that it is really releasing and show that people from England can be loose sometimes. What do you think about it? What do you think people think about uor country?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Me and technology

I must admit that even when I’m not a person that you can call “technological” I absolutely depends on technology. I can live without the microwave for example, but it is so much comfortable that you only have to press a button and you have your lunch ready. I think we became lazy people because almost never we have to make a big effort to have what we want (for the record, I mean in a domestic way). We were born and we had the world fix for us, but I’m pretty sure that we aren’t one hundred percent dependent on technology. It is true that when we are in a camping for example we miss the lights but we are perfectly able to turn on a bonfire and turn the space in one lighter and warmer. The same applies to other tasks like laundry, cooking, etc. Now, if we take these tasks as basic services but not as technology and we talk about cell phones, iPods and stuff when we mean technology I must admit that the computer is my weakness. I used in almost all my life aspects, when I have any doubt I just write and problem solved. I have my computer since I was like ten so I use it since that as a tool, And I think at this moment in my life it is indispensable for me. I think that computers are at this moment men´s best friend

Friday, 6 May 2011

Paul Cézanne

One of my favourite artist is the painter Paul Cézanne. Cézanne was a french artist born on 1839, he practices different artistic styles along his life. We can found some romanticism painting at first, then some of impressionism character to goes to the most outstanding of his work that sometimes it is cataloged as post- impressionism. The symbolist lecture, made in hands of Maurice Dennis and Emile Bernard is the one we handle this days. From this lecture we can break down the "cezanian lesson" that is the one that avantgard takes as starting point. But, What is this "cezanian lesson" ? The cezanian lesson begin with the next question: ¿ what is the characteristic language of paint? When Cézanne make this question he is breaking with all history of art´s knew untill his days. The main operation of cezanne in terms of painting it is perspective deconstruction.

He set a precedent indicating that perspective it was not constituent of paint, it was more a social-artistical convention. With this sentences he spend some time, learning about different posibilities of paint, mainly making experiments in pursuit of found the essence of paint. And he found it: bidimensionality. The avant gard that follows Cézanne will take his lesson and his way of management him self with painting in an experimental style. I like Cézanne because he was one of the painters that makes possible the avantgard and the development of arts ´till our days. The images in this post correspondes to one of the main studies of Cézanne, almost all of this paintings recive the name of Mount victoria

Why is he considerer the father of the avant gard? Because he dedicated his life to study the painting, and he destroy some of the most important conventions at arts since renaissance. He is classed as being part of the impressionism at late 19th century but if we compare his work with another impressionistic paints we can see the real essence of Cézanne. Cézanne

Friday, 1 April 2011

Today´s assignment it´s to write about music, and I can´t think in any event bigger or more published this day´s than Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza is an important international music festival that began in 1991 in USA and this year, for the very first time it will be in Chile. The organizer of this festival is Perry Farrel, singer of Jane´s Addiction band. The festival will be at Parque O´higgins this weekend.

Lollapalooza means something unusual or extraordinary, and i think this name represent the essence of the festival because when the festival starts, back in 1991 the bands that participated where considerated "alternative" music like rap, punk and alternative rock. I like the spirit of Lollapalooza because includes impending bands with recognizable bands like Jane´s Adicction or The Killers. In this edition of Lollapalooza we will be able to see on stage chilean musics like Los Bunker or Francisca Valenzuela and i think it is a huge oportunity for them as musicians to be part of this international event. Finally, I believe that this festival it´s opening new doors to music events in santiago. What do you think about this?

Friday, 25 March 2011

hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
My name is Francisca Solar and this is my English blog. Welcome!
First of all I want to tell you a little about my self,
I´m on my fourth year studying theory and history of arts and I want to follow restoration as my main professional line. So you must assume i like arts, you are right about that. I also like sports.This summer I worked at "Atmósfera 4" wich is an scuba diving center and I learn how to dive so now im taking the scuba dive course. That is the reason why almost every weekend I go to the beach, so at this moment my activities are reduce to 2 things: come to classes and diving.
I made this blog for my english class, I hope to improve my writting because i have some grammar problems. I think you will now about me every friday, so i´ll meet you here at the same time next week. bye